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Principal Stagecoach Routes in New York State in 1843

Principal Stagecoach Routes in New York State in 1843
(From the New York State Register of 1843)

1. From New-York to Sag Harbor, L. L, via Hempstead and Patchogue, 107 miles
2. From New-York to Green-port, L. I., via Smithtown and Riverhead, 94 miles
3. From New-York to Ithaca, via Newark, N. J., Milford, Penn.
and Owego, N. Y., 210 miles.
4. From New- York to Danbury, Conn., via White Plains, 66 miles.
5. From New- York to Albany, on the east side of the Hudson river
via Peekskill, Poughkeepsie and Hudson, 154 miles.
6. From Goshen to Albany, on the west side of the Hudson river,
via Kingston and Catskill, 104 miles.
7. From Newburgh to Barcelona on Lake Erie, via Monticello,
Binghamton, Owego, Elmira, Angelica, &c 387 miles.
8. From Kingston to Delhi, 70 miles.
9. From Catskill to Ithaca, via Delhi and Oxford, 149 miles.
10. From Albany to Whitehall, 72 miles.
11. From Albany to Syracuse, via Cherry Valley and Morrisville, 132 miles.
12. From Albany to Cooperstown, 66 miles.
13. From Saratoga Springs to Whitehall, via Sandy Hill, 40 miles.
14. From Saratoga Springs to Caldwell on Lake George, 27 miles.
15. From Plattsburgh to Ogdensburgh, 126 miles.
16. From Ogdensburgh to Montreal, via Massena, 128 miles.
17. From Utica to Ogdensburgh, via Carthage, 125 miles.
18. From Utica to Sackets Harbor, via Watertown, 94 miles.
19. From Utica to Cooperstown, 34 miles.
20. From Utica to Binghamton, via Norwich, 93 miles.
21. From Utica to Mt. Pleasant, Penn. via Mt. Upton, 116 miles.
22. From Syracuse to Ithaca, 57 miles.
23. From Syracuse to Watertown, 70 miles.
24. From Rome to Oswego,  61 miles.
25. From Oswego, to Watertown,  59 miles.
26. From Oswego to Auburn, 40 miles.
27. From Auburn to Ithaca, 40 miles,
28. From Ithaca to Bath, via Jefferson, 53 miles.
29. From Geneva to Bath, via Crooked Lake, 46 miles.
30. From Bath to Rochester, via Dansville, 76 miles.
31. From Bath to Barcelona on Lake Erie, 165 miles.
32. From Canandaigua to Gcneseo, 31 miles.
33. From Canandaigua to Batavia, via Avon, 49 miles.
34. From Rochester to Corning, via Bath, 99 miles.
35. From Rochester to Olean, via Mt. Morris ami Angelica, 98 miles.
36. From Rochester to Geneseo, 30 miles.
37. From Rochester to Lockport, via Ridge road, 64 miles.
38. From Batavia to Lockport, 30 miles
39. From Buffalo to Erie, Penn. via Lake Road, 90 miles.
40. From Buffalo to Olean, via Ellicottville, 76 miles.
41. From Buffalo to Detroit, Mich, via Queenston and London,
Canada, 202 miles.
From Albany to Montreal, via- Whitehall, Lake Champlain,
St. Johns and La Prairie rail road, (summer route,) 254 miles.
From Albany to Montreal, via Glen's Falls, Caldwell, Schroon Lake,
Plattsburgh, &c. (Winter route,) 220 miles.

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