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Chittenango Stage-House For Sale

Chittenango Herald
November 21, 1831 

                 For Sale
    The subscriber being desirous to withdraw from the Tavern-keeping business, now offers his stand for sale. It is situated about the centre of the flourishing village of Chittenango, directly opposite the canal basin, and near the stopping place of the contemplated  railroad from the south, which is now surveying. Its location for business is good, and has now a fine run of business.
    The house is large and convenient, with two large barns adjacent, one for stage business and the other for use of traveling custom, sheds, a wood-house, smoke-house, ice-house, and other houses necessary to be attached to a public house. Also, two gardens, a fine and thrifty orchard, with various kinds of choicest grafted fruit.
    It is needless giving an estimate of the business now doing, or the number of stopping, passing, and re-passing daily, as persons wishing to purchase will in all probability call and examine for themselves.
    Terms. - One half of the purchase money to be paid down, and a liberal credit will be given for the remained.
                                  THOMAS LIVINGSTON.
OCTOBER 5, 1831.                                                       33


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