Saturday, November 11, 2017

Syracuse a Stagecoach Town

Onondaga Gazette
February 11, 1824
    In order to inform our distant readers of the public travel through this place, we are informed as a fact that on Wednesday last, the passengers in the stages passing through here amounted to between sixty and seventy, averaging from nine to eleven for each state. The lines of stages now through this village, consist of the old and new lines from Albany and Utica, east, and from Buffalo and Canandaigua, west; which pass daily. In addition to this, the Cherry Valley mail line also passes every day, east and west, Sundays excepted.

    Also a new line of stages has recently been established from Sacket’s Harbor to this place, running three times a week. There is not a place in the western district, perhaps, where public travel has increased to such an extent, as through our flourishing village; and the rapid growth of the place, and extensive works for the manufacture of coarse shalt seems to excite the admiration and elicit praise of all who view them. We think we hazard nothing in saying, that, from the peculiar advantages of our village, it must become a place of importance and worthy the attention of the enterprising emigrants who wish to locate in a growing place of business; and particularly inviting to honest and industrious mechanics.

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