Friday, November 11, 2011

'The Old Stagecoach'

This is a famous 19th century painting by noted American artist Eastman Johnson, founder of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. He was also known as "The American Rembrandt" of his day. It also was reproduced into a Currier & Ives print.
                          The Wadsworth Coach
                Photos courtesy of Douglas Morgan, Lima Town Historian

The Wadsworth Family Stagecoach participates in Geneseo's sesquicentennial parade in 1926.

You never know what's hidden away in an old barn.

A bit of sprucing up and this old stagecoach will be as good as new.
  The Wadsworth family Coach was purchased for $770 in 1873 from the Abbott Downing Coach Company of Concord, New Hampshire.  It was constructed on May 1, 1874, it was originally black and weighed 1651 pounds. Records show a manufacture number of 405. 
  The Wadsworth Family of Geneseo, N.Y.  used the coach to transport family members to the Erie Railroad station as well as to inspect the family's far reaching property holdings in western New York. As a family coach, it had a seat on the back for the footman instead of a luggage rack and tarp. In 1956, the coach was given to the Livingston County Museum.
  There are a number of Concord Coaches in museums throughout the country. For example, the Cowboy’s Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, Okla., has coach number 415 which was made seven weeks later than the Wadsworth coach. There is one at Wells College in Aurora, N.Y., and at Fountain Elms, Madison County Museum in Oneida, N.Y.
   The Wadsworth Coach was also used by the judges at the Hunt Races in Geneseo. 

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