Friday, November 4, 2011

Yellow Wasp Inn Stood Near Lima

Lima Recorder, Lima, N.Y.,
November 24, 1960

                                               located, and the site owned
                                               by the village.
                                                 The inn site may be made
                                               into a small park and would 
                                               have picnic and cooking grills
                                               which would be installed by
                                               Lima service clubs. The village
                                               will pipe in water.
                                                 A 70-foot flagpole which was
                                               donated by Empire Wrecking Co.
                                               will be erected in the park. After
                                               repainting the flagpole white and 
                                               placing an eight-inch gold ball on
                                               top, floodlights will be installed
                                               to shine on an eight by 12-foot flag.

Old postcard view of the Yellow Wasp Inn near Lima. Courtesy of Douglas Morgan, Lima Town Historian.

Sketch of the Yellow Wasp Inn drawn prior to its demolition in 1906. It is said it was painted a "vivid yellow" in 1816. Estimated measurements, 42' x 22.' Height from foundation to eaves, 17 to 18 feet. Windows measured 30" x 60" and 12 over 12 panes; outside door measured 36" x 7.'

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