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Stagecoach Advertising

Albany Gazette
May 27, 1793

Western Stage. - The Subscriber has erected a stage, which will commence running the tenth of May next weekly, from the city of Albany thro' Schenectady to Johnstown and Canojohary the next day. The stage will leave every Friday morning at 6 o'clock and arrive at Canojohary the next day. Will leave Canojohary on Tuesday morning at the same hour, and arrive in Albany the day following.
This stage being erected for the accommodation of passengers, the fare is fixed at only three pence per mile. Each passenger is allowed 14 lb baggage gratis & 150 lb. baggage is rated equal to a passenger. The Subscriber by endeavoring to merit the patronage of those gentlemen & ladies who may honor him with their company assures himself that he shall gain the approbation and countenance of the public in general - render a communication into the Western Country sure, cheap & expeditious - and eventually benefit himself - The public's devoted servant. MOSES BEAL.
April 29th, 1793.
N.B. He will occasionally go as far as the Little Falls if desired.

Mohawk Mercury, Schenectady
May 26, 1795

Western Sentinel, Whitestown

September 23, 1795

Mohawk Valley Mercury, Schenectady
December 17, 1796

New York Evening Post
March 5, 1805

Western Repository, Canandaigua
Tuesday, May 10, 1808

The subscriber informs the public that he intends carrying the Mail from this to Niagara in a STAGE COACH, to commence on the 1st Monday of May next, under the following regulations, viz:
Will leave Canandaigua every Monday at 6 O'Clock, A.M. and arrive at Niagara, by way of Buffalo, every Thursday, at 9 A.M. Leave Niagara every Thursday, at 3 P.M. and arrive at Buffalo on Friday, at 5 P.M. Leave Buffalo the same evening and arrive in Canandaigua the Sunday following at 5 P.M.
The subscriber informs the Ladies and Gentlemen that he has furnished himself with a convenient carriage and good horses, and that no attention on his part shall be wanting to render their seats pleasant and agreeable.
Rates of fare will be six cents per mile, including 14 lbs. baggage.
Canandaigua, April 26, 1808

Advocate of the People, Auburn
November 13, 1816

Geneva Gazette
Aug. 14, 1816

The subscribers will run a TWO-HORSE WAGGON, for the accommodation of Travellers, to and from Geneva to Troupville, on Sodus Bay, once a week, viz. leave Troupville on Wednesday the 28th of August, inst. at 3 o'clock, A.M. and arrive at Geneva in the afternoon; leave Geneva on Thursday the 29th, at 3 o'clock a.m. and arrive at Troupville in the afternoon. - The Fare for each passenger will be Two Dollars - Way Passengers, six pence per mile.
Troupville, Aug. 6.
Geneva Gazette,
June 11, 1822

Geneva Gazette
August 28, 1822

Rochester Telegraph,
August 10, 1819

Oswego Palladium

November 20, 1823


From Utica Through Cato four

Corners to Elbridge

The subscribers will commence running a STAGE from Utica to Cato Four Corners, once a week, on the 3d of December next, which will leave Utica every Wednesday at 4 o'clock in the morning and arrive at Hampton village at Hallock's, at 6 o'clock; from thence to Rome at 8 o'clock; Humaston's, Vienna, at 11 o'clock; Doolittle's, Camden, at 2 o'clock; Hempstead's, Williamstown, at 6 o'clock; from thence Thursday morning at 4 o'clock, start for Richland, and arrive at 8 o'clock; at Mexico, 12; New Haven, 2 o'clock; at Oswego village 6; and start from thence, Friday morning at 4 o'clock, and arrive at Hannibal at 8 o'clock Cato four corners, at 12, and at Elbridge at 4.

On return, at Oswego, on Saturday at 6, and on Monday morning, at 4, leave Oswego for Utica, and arrive at 6 P.M. Tuesday, at Gay's Mansion House.



Westmoreland, Nov. 1, 1823

Palmyra Courier,
May 16, 1824

Geneva Gazette,
June 2, 1824

Wayne Sentinel, Palmyra,
December 1, 1824

Fredonia Censor, July 5, 1826


Geneva Gazette, May 23, 1828

Morning Courier and New York Enquirer
July 3, 1830

Three Times a Week.
From Catskill through New Durham, Middleburgh, Schoharie, &c. to Spraker's Basin on the Erie Canal, 65 miles.
This Line of Stages will leave Catskill every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning immediately after the arrival of the steamboats from New York, and will arrive at Spraker's Basin on the Erie Canal, on the evening of the same days. Leave Spraker's Basin every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 7 o'clock, and will arrive at Catskill on the evening of the same days, in time to take the 7 o'clock steam boat for New York.
This Line of Stages will pass through the following places, viz: Corrystown, Charleston, Sloane's Village, Schoharie Court House, Middleburgh, Livingstonville, Preston Hollow, Oak Hill, New Durham, and the Village of Cairo, &c.
Apply for seats at Catskill at M. Croswell's Hotel, and at Spraker's Basin at George Spraker's Hotel.
The proprietors of this Line have contracted for carrying the United States Mail four years, on the above days through the above roue; they have provided themselves with new carriages, good horses, and every necessary accommodation to give permanency to the Line, and afford a safe and expeditious conveyance for passengers. All baggage at the risk of the owner.
N.B. This is on the contemplated route for the Canajoharie and Catskill RailRoad. JOSEPH I. BORST,
The proprietors flatter themselves, that although their immediate object in the establishment of the above Line may be their private interest, they are nevertheless confident they are affording advantages to the traveling part of the community, which to be properly appreciated need only be pointed out. After the opening of the river and canal navigation, as well as at all other times, the traveller from Catskill may take his seat in this Line and arrive at Spraker's Basin in convenient time for taking the Evening Packet or stage, and arrive early the next morning at Utica. This line will be so managed as to meet the Steam Boats, the General Packets, the Stages on the Mohawk Turnpike, the Great Western Turnpike, and other Stages passing through Schoharie and Greene counties in every direction. The saving of time and distance to the traveller, by taking this Line, are too obvious to require examination.

Onondaga Register and Syracuse Gazette
June 23, 1830

NEW STAGE LINES - Between this village and Cortland passing through Pompey Hill, Fabius, Truxton and Homer. It leaves this place every Saturday at one o'clock P.M. and arrives in Cortland at 9 P.M. Leaves Cortland every morning at 4 o'clock and arrives at Salina at noon.


Rochester Republican
December 20, 1831

Ontario Repository, Canandaigua
May 23, 1832

Geneva Daily Times
September 30, 1910

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