Friday, December 2, 2011

Stagecoaching Through Cardiff

The Cardiff Hotel on the old Syracuse and Tully Plank Road stood next to Cardiff United Methodist Church. It was built by Archibald Garfield, one of the early pioneers, circa 1810 and at one time was a very busy spot. It catered to north-south travelers, traveling salesmen and other transients.  Its liquor license was revoked in 1903 when the Town of LaFayette "went dry." After that its business more or less "dried up."  On January 14, 1908 it burned to the ground, the work of an arsonist. The plank road existed between 1847 and 1866. Its last owner was Mrs. E.A. Doolittle of Syracuse.  What is now Route 11a was little more than a muddy and rutted road in those days.  Photo courtesy of J.Roy Dodge.

(From: Newsletter of the LaFayette (N.Y.) Historical Society, No. 45,  December, 2003)


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